Religion and politics

On the 1th- 2th of April 2011, SAIA (Swedish Association of International Affairs) hosts a large conference on foreign policy in Uppsala. Politicians, researchers, journalists, officials, organisations and students will meet for two days with the aim to discuss the role of religion in politics.

Through lectures, workshops, fairs, panel debates and other social activities, SAIA intends to create a space for a broad exchange of knowledge and contacts.

Meet Birgitta Ohlsson, Jan Eliasson, Gustav Fridolin, Christer Sturmark, and Ingemar Karlsson among others, and discuss themes such as religious extremism, buddhism and politics in Tibet and Burma, religion in secular states, zionism and political islam.

Who would you like to meet, what would you like to discuss? All ideas are most welcome! Contact us at:

Or join us on tuesday, January 25th, for coffee in Stockholm at Kulturhuset, theatre bar 2nd floor, at 5pm.

Or on wednesday January 26th, in Uppsala, the UF-Office, at 7pm.

Hope to see you there!

Linda and Lina

Project leaders Foreign Policy conference 2011
Swedish Association of International Affairs


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