Reducing climate risk

On November 18th, The Stockholm Association of International Affairs (UF) and The Law Students’ Association (JF) at the University of Stockholm, invited Richard Klein, a geographer and a leading expert on human vulnerability and adaptation to climate change variability. Klein leads Stockholm Environment Institute‘s research theme ‘Reducing Climate Risk’.

Klein gave a short history from the first IPCC report. COP1 was in Berlin. The second assessment report soon after the Berlin meeting, concluded that there is discernible human influence on global climate.

Klein spoke on the mandate of the IPCC. With the negative press of Climategate, one has to keep in mind that the IPCC does not do its own research. It is more a network of scientists.

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The road to Cancún

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) held a seminar, The Road to Cancún – Climate politics, climate justice and the role of Sweden, at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, on November 11th.

Pär Holmgren, best known as a TV meteorologist, and member of the SSNC committee, said since we had human records from 130 years ago the warmest 10 have occured since 1998. Perspiration is more important than the warming. Most climate scientists are focused on their research. But it is a much broader issue. It has gone so far we have to do some geoengineering.

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Expectations of the climate talks in Cancún

The Swedish centre-right thinktank Fores hosted a two-part seminar on November 9th, before the climate talks in Cancún, Mexico.

Norma Pensado Moreno, the Mexican ambassador to Sweden, said the developing countries need help with adaptation, and a bottom-up approach is needed. Mexico’s climate ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba, have met the civil society, and not only government representatives.

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Gustav Fridolin (MP) besöker Stockholms FN-förening

Gustav Fridolin, riksdagsledamot för Miljöpartiet, besöker Stockholms FN-förening den 22 november. Temat för seminariet är ”Den dubbla utmaningen – klimatkrisen och fattigdomsbekämpningen – Vad förväntar vi oss av mötet i Cancún i december?” Föreläsning och frågestund. Inbjudan till en kväll om klimatet med Gustav Fridolin Endast för medlemmar. Bli medlem idag! Fortsätt läsa Gustav Fridolin (MP) besöker Stockholms FN-förening