A critical analysis of the climate debate

photo © 2007 Michael Coghlan | more info (via: Wylio) I have attended 5 seminars lately on the environment and climate issues. What am I insinuating with the title? I am not suggesting a conspiracy. Let us keep our heads calm. I am certain that there are interest groups within the civil society who are not scrutinised as is needed. The climate question is definitely … Fortsätt läsa A critical analysis of the climate debate

The World Bank and the energy

October 21st, the Stockholm chapter of UNA-Sweden, attended the World Bank and energy seminar on sustainability and development for poor countries. We are facing two challenges – climate crisis and poverty. Niclas Hällström, climate expert at the The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), was the moderator. He opened the seminar with stating that poverty reduction is related to the climate challenge and time is short.

Reverend Siyabulela Gidi, from the South African Council of Churches, made the most gripping speech and instead of the common PowerPoint presentation, he simply had a picture of electricity theft in the background. It illustrated how the rich get electricity and how the power utility supplier Eskom cuts it off for the poor.

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