Neo-Conservatism Exposed

  Robert Tadjer argues that neoconservatism’s conservative base is shaky, and relates his critique to contemporary problems from around the globe Instead of escaping from history we should take the opportunity to learn. Unfortunately few political science students in Sweden study history as part of their degree. In his classic 2003 speech to the US congress, the right-wing Libertarian Dr. Ron Paul exposed the neoconservative … Fortsätt läsa Neo-Conservatism Exposed

Religion and politics

On the 1th- 2th of April 2011, SAIA (Swedish Association of International Affairs) hosts a large conference on foreign policy in Uppsala. Politicians, researchers, journalists, officials, organisations and students will meet for two days with the aim to discuss the role of religion in politics.

Through lectures, workshops, fairs, panel debates and other social activities, SAIA intends to create a space for a broad exchange of knowledge and contacts.

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